GTS Overview
GTS Introduction
GTS landscape
Organization Structure
Introduce GTS Services / Legal Regulations
Integration between ECC and GTS

 Integration Overview
SAP Modules Overview
Materials Management
Sales and Distribution
Financial Accounting


Compliance Management

  1. Sanctioned Party List Screening
    Partners – Master data transfers and maintenance
    Denied parties uploads and manual maintenance
    Business Partner Screening such as Customers, Vendors, Banks, Employees, etc Transactions Screening – Sales Orders, Deliveries, Purchase Orders, Inbound Deliveries, etc Periodic Jobs and day-to-day activities for business operations.
    Integration with Denied party data providers (eg: MK Data) Standard Reporting
  2. Legal Control – Import / Export Licensing
    Material master transfer & maintenance
    Setup & Maintain Import/Export Codes (ECCN/ICCN) Setup & Maintain License Types
    Maintain License determination rules
    Auto License determination and manually license application
    Standard Reporting


Customs Management
1. Product Classification
Setup and maintain Harmonized Tarrif Codes
Setup & maintain Other Gov. Agcy. Codes
Material Classifications
Maintain OGA Codes (For US Only)

  1. Import Declarations
    Generic Country Specific Templates / Documents Overview
    Import: CF3461 Immediate Entry  (US)
    Import: Pre-Declaration (ISF), etc. (US)
  2. Export Declarations
    Generic Country Specific Templates / Documents Overview
    AES – Automated Systems Environment (US)
    SED/SLI – Manual (US)


Risk Management
1. Letter Of Credit Processing
Document Processing
Determination Strategy

  1. Preferrence Processing 
    Preference  Rules
    Rules of Origin